Free Prescription Card Information         How to set up focal point system

Our  Free prescription card  lead capture page is live!  You can view the sample page at:    We are confident this page will help you generate free leads that can be converted to members! 

As soon as prospects  enter their information, they will see a  “thank you page” .  

The thank you  page will say that we will be happy to send them a free prescription card.  All they need to do is send us a self addressed envelope.    That’s !  We take care of the rest for you :)  You do not need to send them a prescription card.

Also, as soon as they enter their infomation, they will receive a series of emails that will introduce them to our dental/medical plan.

Here is the thank you page:

NOTE:  If you  rather send them a free prescription card yourself, you can login to focal point and edit the thank you page very easily.

here are the steps to follows:    p.s.  You will need to reqeust focal point BEFORE you request the free RX page.

#1.  Login to focal point.

#2.   Select the tab “WEBSITE”

#3.  Select  "Site To Manage"  APRXCARD

#4.  Next, Select Page to Manage:  Freeprescriptioncard1EnvelopeAddress

#5.  Delete this sentence:

  Free Prescription Card

Austin, TX 78734


Your free prescription card is on it’s way! 

#6.  Next, enter save and publish

#7.  Next,  "under site content"

select page to Manage:  Free Prescription Card1

Scroll down and delete this sentence:

Once we receive your self addressed envelope, we will mail your prescription card in one business day

#8.  Next, enter save and publish

p.s.  ‘Live Chat / Email Me’ and ‘Returning Visitor’ link on your new site.

To set up focal point:
To set up your Freedom At Home Team Marketing/Recruiting site and your Email Communication System:
*  Click on "Click Here to Sign Up" at the top.
*  Choose the $17 or $36  version with the free 60 day trial (While it’s free, use the Premier features.)
*  Click "Get It Now"
*  Enter your contact information.
*  Choose a passcode
*  Enter the email address for your enroller in the “I was referred by” textbox. If a message appears telling you that your enroller’s email address is not valid, this may be because your enroller has not signed up for FocalPoint yet or has used a different email address for his/her FocalPoint account. Note: If your enroller does not have FocalPoint system, find out their upline email address.

*  Enter your Billing information. NOTE: your card will NOT be billed until the end of the 60 day free trial.
Agree to the terms of use.
*  Click Submit.

System Setup:
*  Chose a 800, 866, 877 or 888 number
*  Click continue
*  Click confirm. Ask you can see it says you will be charged $0 next month.
*  Print Your confirmation
*  Click Finish.
*  Book Mark This Log In Page so you can easily access it in the future.
*  Now Log in on the top right with your email address and passcode.
*  You will now begin the set up wizard.
*  Step 1 chose your user name for your website. Most choose first and last initial or first name or last name or a single word. This is your choice. Click next.

*  Confirm your address and the email you wish to use with this system. Click next.
*  Select your time zone. Enter your Everyone Benefits website user name that you set up and wrote down on part 1 of this website set up guide. Click next.
*  Edit or confirm all of the information you see on this page. This is what will be used on your website and your emails. This will be the public information your prospects will be able to see when corresponding with you. Click next.
*  Click go to my account.

*  Once inside your Email Communication system go to the “website” tab on the top left and choose “manage site”.
*  Click on the upload personal picture tab at the top.
*  Select the photo you wish to have appear on your About me page on your recruiting site.
*  Click save personal photo (**Note, the file name of your photo can’t have any spaces in it. You may need to rename you photo so it has no spaces.)
*  Click on the site content tab. Here you will edit the two sections of your recruiting site that you have the freedom to edit. *  The first section is your About me page. From the “select page to manage” drop down menu choose "About Me". This is a place to tell your prospects a little about yourself as well as point out some of the exciting features of Ameriplan® that prompted you to start working with the company. Enter the text here you’d like to have shown on your website About me page and then click “save and publish”.

*  Next, from the “select page to manage” drop down menu choose “Position Overview”. This second updateable section will show on an overview page where your prospects can read all about working with Ameriplan®. At the top, they will see a small section with your photo and a short about you paragraph so they can get to know who they’d be working with. In this section, just enter a paragraph about yourself, no need to talk about Ameriplan® features here. When you are satisfied with your text, click “save and publish”.

*  NOTE: When you are creating these sections, be sure to delete the existing text, if any, and type in your own. Be careful to watch your spelling and grammar. This needs to be very professional. To get ideas, view your upline IBOs website and visit their "About Me" page.

Choose Your Landing Page:
*  From under the “website” tab choose “Manage Site”. Choose the landing page tab at the top.
*  You will have a choice of the below landing pages to be your default landing pages. Please read the two landing pages and chose the one you wish to be your default.
*  Click Save Landing Page Settings at the bottom.
*  Please note, you will be able to use the other landing pages not chosen as your default as well. You can do this by using the URL given under the landing page when posting ads or on marketing supplies. For more help and direction with using multiple landing pages, please contact your enroller.

Enable Live Chat on your Site (Premier Account Only):
*  From under the "website" tab choose "Manage Site". Choose the live chat tab at the top.
*  To enable Live Chat for your site, check the Enable Chat in your Website with site visitors checkbox and click the Save Live Chat Settings button. Once you have enabled live chat on your site, you need to open the Live Chat Console.
*  To open the Live Chat Console, from under the “marketing” tab choose “Live Chat”.

Choose Your Email and Text Message Notifications:
*  From your User Settings tab at the top choose System Notifications.
*  Choose the on button for your email and cell phone and enter your email address and your cell phone number. (the text message notifications are optional, however, we recommend that you at least choose to receive a text message for “Prospect Filling Out Web Form” so that you know right away when you have a new prospect that you can call)
*  Select your cell phone service provider from the drop down menu.
*  Choose what notifications you want to receive via email and text message from the right hand side.
Click save at the bottom.

Listen to call regarding Free RX card