Facbeook 101
Hosted by  Janie Jones, NVP & Krisite Wooten, NSD
Topic:   Facebook 101 - Learn how to generate free leads using facebook.


So now that you've learned the Introduction to Social Media with Tresie Smith & Facebook 101 by our NVP & NSD leaders,  Come get more step-by-step basics using Facebook in your marketing with Tresie Smith.  You'll learn:

Recap of What Facebook is

Difference between a Profile & Fanpage
How to set-up a profile (what to put on your bio to make it ATTRACTIVE, what links to put on your profile, etc.)

How to set-up a fanpage (some tips on when you should set one up)

How to add friends (get friend invites, set-up lists, how to search, etc.)

Facebook Do's & Don'ts

Q & A's on Facebook & Online Marketing

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So what's this whole Social Media Buzz!? Come learn the basics about Social Media marketing with Kantrese "Tresie" Smith. You'll learn:

* What Social Media Is
* Why Use Social Media
* What types of social media is available
* Information & Examples on the most popular Social Media platforms
* How to use social media for your business
* Q & A's on Social Media & Online Marketing

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Marketing  & Advertising  (10/19/2010)
Come get your questions answered regarding your marketing & advertising efforts with Tresie Smith. You can ask questions on any subjects like:

Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Message Boards/Forums, etc.)
Classified Ads
Local Marketing
Creating Effective Ads
Creating other marketing materials
Creating Personable Effective Emails
Tips on generating leads online
and any thing else you have questions about in regards to marketing!

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