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Jump on this call and learn how to talk to prospects!

  Date:  Every Tuesday

Start Time:
5:00 pm Pacific time
6:00 pm Mountain time
7:00 pm Central time
8:00 pm  Eastern time

New  Dial-In  Number 1-218-862-1300
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To achieve $25,000 & $50,000  per year residual income:
Why learn how to recruit and prospect?
Why help people work at home?

There have been many successful people that have built their dreams through recruiting. One of my favorite articles is about an interview that 20/20 conducted with a vry successful network marketer, Mr. Britt.

He was asked, "Mr. Britt, this business has obviously worked for you. What's your secret?" He replied, "There is no secret. I simply showed my business opportunity to 1200 people. 900 said, 'No.' and only 300 signed up. Out of those 300, only 85 did anything at all. Out of those 85 only 35 were serious, and out of those 35, 11 made me a millionaire."

If you knew without a doubt that if you talked to 1200 people like Bill Britt that you'd be a millionaire you'd probably start talking to everyone wouldn't you?

Well it's been proven over and over again in this business that if you do just that, you will succeed; it just depends on how bad you really want it.

Now that you truly see the power of helping people work at home, your goal is to get to $25,000 a year in lifetime repeat income. Here is a formula that if you follow, it works!

One phone call might change the direction of your life forever for the better, How many calls are you going to make? Don't be average, be a champion! Make that Call!

To achieve a $25,000 per year residual income:
Make 3 complete presentations per day, six ays per week.
A complete presentation consists of: "Hello" to "Which package makes more sense to you?"
That's 18 presentations per week. Out of those, you will have enrolle at least 2 IBO's each week.
That's 8 new IBO's a month. Stick with the "3 a day presentations" and achieve a lifetime residual income of $25,000 in one year!

To achieve a $50,000 per year residual income:
Make 5 complete presentations per day, six days per week.
div style="color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"  Again, a complete presentation consists of: "Hello" to "Which package makes more sense to you?"
That's 30 presentations per week. Out of those, you will have enrolled at least 3 IBO's each week.
That's 12 new IO's a month. Stick with the "5 a day presentations" and achieve a lifetime residual income of $50,000 in one year!


Why would you want to bring people into your business?
There will be lots of millionaires created in this business  (and many of them will be from our group)...why  not YOU?  We know this business  works, we are living proof.  We have even been featured in not just one  work at home magazine but SEVERAL work at home magazines.  We are certainly not any different than you are.  We just must made the commitment to focus on Ameriplan,  work the business consistently and made sure we got the skills we needed to master this position....that's it!   Ameriplan is worthy of your time.   This company will be your vehicle to freedom.

Develop a passion for what you are doing.  LOVE your business and keep focused on your dream.  

My life changed when I began to focus on my dream.

Be  willing to get into action mode to achieve your  dreams.  When your dreams becomes the focus of your life, that is when you begin taking action toward achieving it.

If you are allowing your circumstances to control your destiny, you will never be able to reach your dream.

We understand that the kids will get sick, the dishwasher will break and somebody would say NO.  But but if you have a goal, and you work on your goals and your dream. They will  come true..IT WILL BE BIGGER THAN ANYTHING else that you ever encounter because you are on a mission..YOU are on fire!

There is no power on earth like a human soul on fire.  Feel the heart beat of your business, .embrace it and allow your heart to join it.  Keep your legacy alive.  There is no other place on earth where you can create your own beautiful lifestyle..keep that flame alive.  It will draw other people to you.  Let it grow dime and it will go out.

Remember..every dream comes to live one step at a time.  It takes one step at a time.  Just like every great symphony was composed one note at a time and every great  book takes shape one word at a time.

It is your responsibility to take the first step toward achieving your dream.  No one else can do it for you.  Unless you take the responsibility yourself and decide in your heart that you want to achieve something exceptional, you will be exactly where you are today a year from now.

It is your choice and it is your dream.  NEVER ever let it be said that you were not seeking and searching for a better life.

If you have any fears, please work on removing the fears.  Fears are the #1 killers to a fabulous lifestyle.

Fall in  love with this service and opportunity.  How?  Seek out the success story. Read everything you can.

They are there for YOU.  Listen to training calls every week.  You have access to trainers  that have already made millions of dollar.  Be a sponge and master this position.   We know you can do it.  How do we know?  because we are not any different than you are.

When you truly understand what you have in front of you and when this business gets into your heart..then your business will bloom.

Remember.. Don't  ever settle for less. Your family DESERVES the BEST!

Cross a threshold into a better life. Your fabulous future begins today!  Yes,  it can be done.  And why  not you?