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Home Office Deductions

How simply owning a homebased business can put alot of money back into your pockets

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Listen to Dr. Ron Mueller as he discusses why it's important to own a homebased business.

This call will cover: 

*  Why especially now in these economic turmoils we ALL need a homebased biz.
     (this is a must to know especially when you are prospecting)

* How Uncle Sam can pay you to start and run a business.
*  Three requirements to receive huge home office deductions
*  Home office deductions
*  Hiring your Spouse
*  Employing your children (under 18 years old)

* How aspirins, band-aids (virtually any money you spend in the pharmacy or drug store) can be right offs.

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Best CD to listen to:

Start Smart, Finish Rich Audio CD To listen to call visit:  http://www.byoaudio.com/play/WB15jX0k

Regrdless of your age or economic status, your path to finishing rich is simpler than you think. In this exclusive audio interview, David Bach takes the "FinishRich" wisdom that has sold nearly 3 million copies of his bestselling books and reveals the simple steps to becoming an automatic millionaire.

Simple, clear, concise and empowering, this must-have audio is for people of all ages. It lays out an easy game plan that will head you in the direction of real wealth.

    * The FIVE questions to ask yourself in determining your millionaire potential
    * Why direct selling gives YOU control over your income
    * How to create "MOMENTUM MONEY" with direct selling
    * Why direct selling is an effective way to distribute products and services


David Bach is the author of the bestselling books The Automatic Millionaire, Start Late Finish Rich, Smart Women Finish Rich, Smart Couples Finish Rich, The Finish Rich Workbook and The Automatic Millionaire Workbook. Nearly 3 million books are in print! He has appeared twice on The Oprah Winfrey Show to share his strategies for living and finishing rich and is a regular contributor to CNN's American Morning. David Bach's FinishRich seminars are the leading financial seminars in North America, having been taught by thousands of financial advisors to more than half a million people.


"David's automatic approach to building wealth is a simple process that ANYONE can follow and duplicate. This CD is a great addition to any direct seller's tool set." - Jeff Olson, Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.

"David Bach's financial advice is enlightening and easy to follow."
- Direct Selling Association